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Physician, Patient, and Disease Portals

Docslogic helps our customers leverage the power of the internet and our expertise within the healthcare market to create technologies that improve access to quality healthcare through enhanced communication, collaboration, and knowledge sharing among medical professionals, sales representatives, and consumers.

Docslogic made its debut as a medical communications company with a passion for collaboration using web technologies. We partner with our clients to produce engaging, meaningful web communication solutions that address their business needs and exceed their expectations.

We provide a range of web communication services including website design, portal solutions, CMS, collaboration, and hosting. Our web solutions feature:

In 2002, Docslogic developed and hosted the website for the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine (ESICM) to serve the diverse needs of this large professional member association.

Clinical Research and Registry
In 2003, Docslogic launched mednetwork.org, a visionary physician networking and collaboration portal, enabling medical practitioners to establish communities of practice, share knowledge on medical treatments and evidence, and capture patient information electronically for clinical research. Today there are over 100 communities on mednetwork.
Physician, Patient and Disease Portals
In 2004 aboutsepsis.com, a caregiver and physician portal for increasing awareness of the acute condition of sepsis was also developed, and is hosted by Docslogic.